We are an independent, personal consulting service helping people with their automotive and car buying needs.

For most people, buying or leasing a car is at least an occasional necessity.  It should be an exciting time and a happy experience.  After all, who doesn’t love a new car?  But for most people the process is not exciting and it is not a happy one.  In fact, it’s often dreaded.

If any of these apply to you, you need The Auto Answer:

  • Do you need a new car and worry that you won’t make a smart choice that will ultimately fit your needs?  
  • Do you dread wasting the hours or even days of your valuable time that it takes to research and acquire the right new car?  
  • Are you afraid of being taken advantage of by a dealer and overpaying or paying for something you don’t need?

Eliminate the hassle and put The Auto Answer to work for you.  We charge a flat, fully transparent fee, and our business is built around three goals:

  1. Saving you time
  2. Saving you money
  3. Putting the fun back into getting a new car

The Right Car

  • We consult with you on your needs, to make sure you end up with a vehicle that works for you
  • We work to understand your preferences; everything from brand loyalties to colors to option packages
  • We make vehicle recommendations based on the above info
  • We'll schedule test drives if you desire

At the Right Price

  • We handle all the negotiating with multiple dealers. We work for you, to get you the best possible price, and we never take compensation from dealers
  • We keep track of what current factory incentives are available
  • We review your paperwork so there are no surprises
  • You spend minimal -- if any -- time at the dealership

Vehicle Consulting

Don’t know much about cars or what would be right for you? We know all about what is out there and can help you drill down on the right choice. We can also help you work through decisions like whether to buy or lease.


Know what you want but can’t stand the hassle with dealers? We’ll do it for you. We’ll work to get you the best possible price, likely hundreds if not thousands of dollars better than what you could do on your own.

Premium Service

For local customers we offer a subscription-based service level to manage all your household fleet needs, from acquisition to maintenance to disposition or trade.  We'll be your one call for all your automotive needs.