I was piling miles on my old truck and decided to replace it.  I knew what I wanted but used The Auto Answer to minimize the time I needed to spend finding it.  This was a good decision because the configuration I really wanted was rare in my region.  Mike spent the time trying to track one down, but ultimately confirmed we'd have to order one.  Then he went back out to multiple dealers to get the best possible deal for a factory order, which he then made and tracked through delivery.  I got the truck I wanted for a great price with zero headache from dealers.  If you value your time I highly recommend the service.

- John, NJ


I wanted a non-daily car to drive for fun on nice days and decided that a classic Saab 900 convertible would be perfect, but knew that a lot of them out there have high miles and the potential for big problems.  I hired Mike at The Auto Answer to find me a good one, figuring it could take up to a year.  Nope!  Not only did he find the exact car I had in mind, he found it in under a month, it had far fewer miles than I thought possible and I got it for far less money than I was prepared to spend.  Mike knows his stuff.

- Larsen, NJ 


My husband and I decided that neither his full-size pickup truck nor my big SUV were good options for our soon-to-be licensed daughter to drive.  We wanted something small enough for her to manage on the road, but not too small; safety was our highest priority.  We used The Auto Answer from start to finish and ended up with the perfect car -- one that we hadn't thought to consider -- for a great price.  Thank you, Mike.

- Karin, NJ


I wanted a new car and knew exactly what I wanted -- right down to the specific color combination -- and I also wanted a good deal.  However, I did not want to spend a lot of my own time working on it, mainly because that time would come on weekends when I'd rather be spending it with my family.  I turned to Mike at The Auto Answer, who combed through the inventory of at least 10 different dealerships to find my car, ensuring I'd get a good price from a dealer motivated to move a unit.  He negotiated a great price on the car and made sure the lease payment was calculated properly.  I got the car I wanted with no hassle.

- Chris, NJ


After wanting a Porsche for a long time I finally bought myself one this year; a beautiful 2012 Cabrio.  While I found the car myself, Mike at The Auto Answer helped with everything else: checking it's history, vetting the price, even picking it up.  Even more helpful was Mike's assistance with acquiring another car so I don't have to drive the Porsche all winter.  It's used but CPO and I got it for a great price.  Mike even helped me avoid some games the dealer was playing with the financing at the end of the deal.  Highly recommended.

- Dan, NJ


With the lease was coming to an end on my current car I had an idea of what I wanted but did not enjoy the thought of doing it on my own, so I turned to The Auto Answer for help.  I was pretty loose about what I wanted:  I wanted an SUV, but not a huge one.  I was flexible on colors, but knew which ones I did not want.  What I wanted most was value for my money, so I started out looking to buy something lightly used.  Mike was great.  We settled on a Jeep Grand Cherokee as the target and he helped me decide on the right trim level.  Then he went to work.  Turned out that used, year-old Grand Cherokees didn't have the value I was looking for, but Mike found a brand new car that was from the outgoing model-year; he got more than a 17% discount on it!  I love the car, got a great deal and even that new car smell as an unexpected bonus.  Great service... highly recommend it.

- Ryan, NJ


I have a 1998 convertible I keep as an extra car.  It's great for knocking around town with the family or to the beach in the summer.  I've had it since new and love it.  The only problem was the stereo was awful.  It had a bunch of problems and I wasn't sure where to begin.  Fortunately, Mike at The Auto Answer was the answer!  He drew up a plan to fix it all and then got it done without breaking the bank.  I now have great sound from a stock-looking system and even the modern convenience of Bluetooth connectivity.  I'm very happy with the project and the outcome; it was a 10 out of 10 for value and I'd recommend to anyone.

- Doug, NJ


I'm actually pretty comfortable with pushing car dealers to get a good price, but the lease on my old car was nearly over and I was occupied with more important things, namely my sister's wedding.  My husband and I decided to take the car process off our plate and outsource it to Mike at The Auto Answer.  We're so glad we did.  We got an outstanding deal on the car we wanted and spent less than an hour of our own time, just to sign the papers, in the comfort of our own home no less, when the vehicle was delivered to us.  I highly recommend this service.

- Gerri, NJ


After getting hit by an inattentive driver in December, my last car was declared a total loss.  Buying a new car during the busy holidays was the last thing I wanted to be doing, but Mike at The Auto Answer was a huge help!  His knowledge and expertise were invaluable in walking through options that fit my needs and budget.  Then, he helped me get what I am confident was the absolute lowest price possible on my new car.  I highly recommend The Auto Answer.

- Dan, VT


I needed another car for the family, but was at a loss as to what to get.  As a busy working mom, I needed something to handle kids, commuting, pets, carpooling -- the list goes on, you get the picture.  I also needed something budget-friendly and wanted something that I enjoyed driving.  It seemed like a tall order but Mike at The Auto Answer has an incredible knowledge of the market and didn't hesitate with a recommendation.  Thanks to him I couldn't be happier with my new car.

- Melissa, NJ