We love cars!  New ones, old ones, fast ones, slow ones.  We need to know how they work, how they’re put together, and what makes them good or bad.  The millions of collective man-hours that have gone into making cars safer, cheaper, faster and more efficient than ever before boggles the mind.  One can't help but be astounded by the technology and infrastructure that affords us such mobility and convenience.  


In short, we can't help it; cars are our passion.


However, we understand that this is not the case for most people.  Few people share our enthusiasm, let alone our passion.  Toss in what often remains an adversarial dealership experience meant to wear buyers down and it becomes clear why, for many people, getting a new car is nothing but a hassle.


After years of helping friends and family with all their auto-related questions and needs, we decided to turn it into a business to help anyone.  Let our passion work for you!

Our Founder

The Auto Answer was founded in 2015 by Mike Geoghegan, a life-long, certifiable car nut.  Among his earliest memories are those involving cars; rides in them, drawing pictures of them, holding tools while his father worked on them.  He insists that he learned to read in large part by reading through car magazines left around the house while he was a child. 


After graduating Bucknell University with a B.A. in Economics he entered the world of finance, where he continued to focus on the automotive space; investment banking positions at Donaldson, Lufkin & Jenrette and then Citigroup were in those firms' automotive groups.  He further expanded his knowledge of autos -- particularly on the retail side of the business -- by working for a time in the office of the CFO at United Auto Group, Inc., the predecessor of what is today Penske Automotive Group, Inc., a publicly-traded dealer group and one of the largest dealership groups in the world.  He then worked as an equity research analyst at Bear Sterns, Inc., with associate analyst coverage of automotive OEMs and parts suppliers and lead analyst coverage of automotive retailers including AutoNation, Penske Automotive Group, Lithia Automotive, and CarMax.  He benefits from the unique experience of looking at dealerships as both an insider and from the outside.


Following several non-automotive sales- and marketing-related positions in recent years, Mike opted to turn his attention back to what he loves.  The Auto Answer is his vision of turning what he knows and excels at into a service that those without the same knowledge or enthusiasm can benefit from.